Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We get asked a lot of questions and to help you get answers to the more common ones, we’ve created this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Do remember that if you want further information please just call us on 0844 844 8585 today.

How can you sell exactly the same service as BT, but more cheaply?

Because of the deregulation of the telecoms market other providers are allowed to compete with BT. As all companies use the same infrastructure, run by Openreach, the only differentiator is price and because we have lower overheads than BT we also have lower costs.

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What is carrier pre- selection?

Carrier pre-selection allows you to change your default supplier from BT and this has allowed competitors, such as HQ Telecom, into the market. If you want us to provide your telecoms then you simply instruct us and we contact BT to make the switch.

Is this an approved service?

Absolutely. Ofcom regulates the telecoms sector, which was fully deregulated in 2006.

Read about it at

Do I need any new equipment?

No. You don’t need any new equipment and all you need to do is tell us that you want to switch provider. We’ll then do the necessary background work for you and send you a new and much reduced bill.

How much does it cost to change to HQ Telecom?


Do I still have to pay BT for my line?

No. Both your line rental and calls will be charged to HQ Telecom, leaving you with just a single monthly bill.

How do I pay you?

We send you a monthly bill by email (which you can also download from our website) and take payment by direct debit approximately ten days after we send you the bill.

How long does it take to change over to Telecom HQ?

A switch usually takes between ten and fifteen days.

How will my service change?

The only difference you’ll notice is our name on the invoice and less money spent on phone calls.

Are there any connection fees?


What is Ethernet First Mile?

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is delivered over multiple copper cores are set up so that if one copper pair fails the service will automatically switch to another copper pair. This gives it both greater bandwidth and reliability and is a cost-effective service for businesses. To qualify as EFM you must be within a mile of your exchange as this minimizes the potential for interruption as well as supplying the fastest possible service.