About Us

At HQ Telecom we have two priorities: providing you with the best price on the market and the best service available. We do the former by keeping our overheads as low as possible and our profit margins as slim as we dare and we do the latter by making sure you get exactly the same service as a BT customer.

We’ve taken advantage of the deregulation of the telecoms industry to provide our customers with the same service at a much better price. Our customers are wholly businesses – usually, but not exclusively, SMEs – and because we understand your needs we are able to give you the best service to meet your requirements.

This unblinking focus on businesses means that we can provide you with exactly the right telephone and internet services for your organisation – whether it be Ethernet, landlines, international calls, broadband or phone and internet bundles.

Call us now on 0844 844 8585 to start reducing the cost of your internet and telephone services.